Suddenly, Yorimichi (dropping by) you like the Yorimichi (dropping by)?

It's good to take a different path.
Return of the work, and Yorimichi (dropping by) once in a while on the way home of golf and leisure, what about something warm hot spring?
It is Yorimichi (dropping by), but you in a lot of ideas, such as get to say "It's a good hot spring" offers.

Yamanashi hot springs where you Yorimichinoyu stay

Nifty hot spring ranking

  • 2022 Nifty Onsen Annual Ranking

    Thank you for your continued patronage of Yorimichinoyu.
    The annual ranking of Nifty Onsen will be held again this year.
    Thanks to all of you, we were able to get good results last year.
    We look forward to working with you again this year.

    Please click the vote button.
  • Nifty Hot Spring Annual Ranking 2021 Award

    Thank you for voting for the Nifty Hot Spring Annual Ranking 2021.
    Thanks to everyone who supported us, we received good results.

    25th overall nationwide
    Hokuriku/Koshinetsu overall 1st place
    Yamanashi 1st overall
    Yamanashi Prefecture Best of Review Award
    Yamanashi Best of Accommodation Award

    A little bit with gratitude,
    We have created an award commemorative coupon at Nifty.
    On this occasion, please Yorimichi (dropping by) at a reasonable price.

    Customers of Yorimichi (dropping by), we look forward to.
  • Current congestion information

    You can check the current congestion information from here.
    If you come after checking the congestion information before coming to the museum,
    Even those who don't like being crowded can relax and go Yorimichi (dropping by).

Introduction of advantageous plan

  • Empty-handed enjoyment plan

    The empty-handed enjoyment plan has been renewed.
    Please choose your plan to how you spend the day.

    ① Yorimichi (dropping by) enjoyment plan
    This plan is recommended for those who want to reset their daily fatigue.
    (Admission with indoor towel, meal ticket 1000 yen, bedrock bath, all-you-can-drink HOT coffee, beauty salon or loosening 30 minutes)

    plan with meals and bedrock bath
    plan is recommended for those who want to relax all day long.
    (Admission with indoor towel, meal ticket 1000 yen, bedrock bath, all-you-can-drink HOT coffee)

    ③ plan with plan
    This plan is recommended for those who want to relax for half a day.
    (Admission with indoor towel, meal ticket 1000 yen)

Usage charge table

  • Opening Hours

    ◾ Day trip hot spring from 10:00 to 23:00(Last reception 22:00)
    ◾ Bedrock bath 10:00 to 22:00
    ◾ Restaurant 11:00 to 22:00(LO21:45)
     *Only light meals are served between 14:30 and 16:30 on weekdays.
      Last order is 21:30.
    ◾ Momihogushi 10:00 to 22:00(Last reception 21:00)
    ◾ Beauty Salon 11: 00-19: 00(Last reception 18:00)
    ◼Bathroom in the annex 10:00 to 22:00

Request to customers

  • Regarding infection prevention measures

    For the time being, we are taking the following measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

    ① Mandatory wearing of masks for facility users
     *Please wear a mask except for bathing and eating.
     *Even if you wear only face shields, mouth shields, bandanas, towels, etc., you will not be able to use them to further prevent infection.

    ② Loud conversation is strictly prohibited in this facility

    ③ No conversation in the bathtub or sauna
    Please understand that if you do not comply, you will be asked to leave the building and the fee will not be refunded.
    In some cases, entry and exit may be prohibited.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation in suppressing the spread of infection as much as possible.
  • Regarding the spread of new coronavirus infection

    We take thorough measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility.
    We would like to ask all visitors to cooperate with us regarding temperature measurement. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    The new coronavirus infection prevention measures for Yorimichinoyu are Yamanashi Green Zone certification, "Go To Travel Campaign" certification, and thorough implementation of participation conditions.


  • Yorimichinoyu WELLNESS

    Fatigue recovery, sleep quality improvement, skin quality improvement
    It was born as the ultimate salon that can recover these three.
    It restores the body to its original state, which has been disturbed by fatigue and poor sleep quality.
    Also, in this era where hair removal has become etiquette,
    Wellness will also support you to improve your skin quality.
  • Utatane Dokoro

    And hot springs, bedrock bath, Once delicious do plenty of fun to eat, please go to relax in the Utatane Dokoro
    If you get up well, go a lot Yorimichi (dropping by).
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1-13-31 Tsuru, Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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Good location, 1 minute walk from Tsurushi Station and 2 minutes drive from Tsuru IC Chuo Expressway.
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