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Stone Sauna

Opening Hours

From 10:00 to 22:00(Last reception 21:00)
Fee 550 yen
 *You cannot use the bedrock bath only.
 It is not available to customers under elementary school age.

There are also three types of bedrock baths, cool down rooms, and a terrace for outdoor bathing.

There is also a relaxation space where you can enjoy a lot of comics and magazines while lying down.
  • Jiyuso(Jiyuso)

    Sakurajima Island vanadium effect and far-infrared radiation emitted from Sakurajima Island lava warm the body core to a moderate temperature, increasing its natural healing power.

    Rouryu heat waves are held every Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays from 15:00 and 18:00.
    Aroma water is applied to the heat-exposed iki stone to generate steam and promote sweating.
  • Bikenkyu(Bikenkyu)

    The five rocks of germanium, red porridge, amethyst, agate, and medicinal cobblestone enhance the healing effect, activate the cells, promote beauty and health.
  • Hakatsu Tennenbo(Hakatsu Tennenbo)

    Natural minerals from Kuisu, Bakuhanishi, and Sakurajima Island lava give vitality to the body and can be expected to have a great effect on improving physical constitution.
  • Chill of healing

    A room where you can cool down your burning body.
    It is effective in promoting blood circulation, and enhances the beauty effect by interacting with the bedrock bath.

    The rock salt in the middle is a large rock salt lamp imported from Pakistan and hollowed out.
  • Soyokaze Terrace

    An open-air bath space dedicated to bedrock baths that was unlikely.
  • relaxation,Cartoon corner

    You can enjoy more than 10,000 comic books and magazines while relaxing.