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  2. How to enter the sauna

How to enter the sauna

  • ① Clean your body!

    First of all, please wash away all the dirt from your hair to your body!
  • ② Warm your body in the hot springs!

    It's better to warm your body in a hot spring for 5 to 10 minutes before you enter, and you'll sweat better!
    Be sure to wipe your body thoroughly before entering the sauna room and be careful not to bring water droplets into the sauna room!
  • ③ 9 to 12 minutes to the sauna

    Let's enter without overdoing it while consulting with your physical condition!
    It is said that 9 to 12 minutes is a good rule of thumb.
  • ④ Let's sweat properly!

    It is good manners to sweat well with hot water or shower when you leave the sauna!
  • ⑤ 1 to 2 minutes in Kinkin's natural water bath

    If you sweat, dive into Kinkin's water bath!
    Be careful not to dive to your head!
    If you do not move, you will not feel cold when you wear clothes.
    If you are a beginner, let's relax and enter here so as not to be frustrated!
  • ⑥ Relax time in the open air bath 9 to 12 minutes

    After getting out of the water bath, wipe your body thoroughly and enjoy the open air bath!
    Lie down on a tatami mat or chair and forget everything and empty your head!

  • ⑦ Let's repeat 3 sets of ③ to ⑥!

    Let's repeat 3 sets of sauna, cold bath and outdoor air bath!
  • ⑧ Tota--------

    Totota -----!
    The sauna is what you enter for this time!
    Please enjoy!